First and foremost, please remember that this is a very challenging event. We want you to take your safety, health and welfare as seriously as we do. We have provided feed and hydration stops at regular intervals throughout each course. Make sure that you stop and refill your water bottles with water and/or energy drink. Use sunscreen often, even if the weather is cool. 

Emergency Communications: Emergency communications will be provided at all full Aid Stations (not hydration only stations), plus some other locations throughout the course. The Mountain Top Amateur Radio Association (MTARA) will be able to contact Sheriff, CHP, Fire or ambulance. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, you have three options: 1) flag down a SAG vehicle, 2) reach an Aid Station with emergency communications, or 3) dial 911 (cell service permitting). Staff and Volunteers have been instructed to dial 911 for injuries requiring Emergency Services. 

SAG: Rider support will be available at various points and roaming along the trail to assist riders who have mechanical problems or who need transportation to Start/Finish. If you pass someone along the trail who needs assistance, please stop at an Aid Station and notify them of the location of the rider requiring assistance. NOTE: SAG vehicles are for mechanical problems only, not transportation for tired riders. 

Course Sweepers: All courses close at 5:00 PM. All ride support will end and riders will be responsible for their own safety. 

Volunteers: EVERYONE working this event is a volunteer. They have come from all over Southern California to assist you. This is their way of participating in this event and making sure you have a safe and fun ride. Please remember to thank them whenever you see them. We want them to have a great time, too! 

Wildlife (not Nightlife): Riders should always remember that they are traveling in wilderness areas which may be subject to appropriate wildlife which may include bears, mountain lions, deer, and/or snakes. Additional protein, in the form of gnats, may be available on the Radford Climb or along the Santa Ana River.